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About Krzyzelewski Chiropractic

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Krzyzelewski Chiropractic reception

Welcome to Krzyzelewski Chiropractic

Since 2004, Dr. Anna Krzyzelewski has offered improved health and quality of life through chiropractic care for the whole family.

At Krzyzelewski Chiropractic, we want to work with you, as a team to help you achieve your health goals whether they may be simply getting out of pain, improving your potential to excel at an activity or sport, or to maximize your level of health and quality of life so that you can fully experience all that life has to offer.

Hope for All

We’re able to help all ages in finding better health, from babies to seniors. Dr. Anna specializes in those who are affected by health issues that other doctors haven’t been able to address. Maybe you have no major concerns and are looking to increase your health potential and to prevent future problems from occurring, we are here for you by helping you take a proactive approach to your health care.

The specific Torque Release Technique® we offer ensures that we’re able to provide safe and gentle care for any condition you may have.

Ensuring Your Greatest Health

Our focus is on making sure your nervous system functions properly so that your body works at its optimum level. This gives you the best possible chance at the greatest possible life and health you can have.

The power of the chiropractic adjustment is in you, and as Michelangelo stated about his statue, “David”: “He was there all the time, he just had to be freed.”, so is your innate ability to heal and express life to its fullest.

Are you ready to experience your body’s greatest potential? Call us at (204) 414-1640